Pharbourne Farm

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About Mandy and Pharbourne Farm

Though "Pharbourne" may be a new name, it's substance has been a strong presence in the Atlanta area for some time.

Mandy Marger has worked for Sunny Stevens and Stevehaven Stables as professional rider and assistant trainer for many years. Branching out on her own with Pharbourne Farm was the next step in her career. Sunny and Mandy still have a close working relationship, both with their own businesses, and Cypress Row Farm, in which they, along with Melinda Sise, are partners.

Mandy began riding at a young age in Colorado, where she had a successful pony career at the "A" show level.. Upon moving to Georgia at the age of 10, Mandy dabbled in eventing, before finding her way back to the hunter/jumper ring. Under Sunny Stevens, her junior career was studded with accomplishments, including five appearances at the various major national medal finals, numerous year end awards in both equitation and jumpers, and several substantial placings in large money jumper classes up the mini-prix level. After a brief amateur career, she turned to work for Sunny, and enjoyed working with clients and their horses.

Mandy stepped away from horses for a time to marry her former "gate guy" husband Phinney and attend design school. While on horse hiatus, Mandy worked as a graphic designer, with clients ranging from luxury yacht dealers to the Torino Olympic Committee. Mandy and Phinney welcomed their twins in 2006, and Mandy enjoyed several years at home with them.

Unable to stay away any longer, Mandy returned to horses to work again for Sunny once the twins were old enough. She then expanded into the IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) as coach for Holy Innocents' Episcopal School. 

Mandy enjoys teaching as much as riding, and has a profound respect for giving the horses and riders under her a solid foundation. Her techniques are classical and correct, and taught with patience and respect. 

"I've been fortunate enough to have grown up around horses, and feel strongly that what I learned at the barn transcended the show ring, and largely molded the person I am today. My sense of responsibility, loyalty, and dedication were learned in lessons taught most poignantly by the horses I have had the privilege to work around. I was raised, as it were, by professionals with the highest standards not only in training and horse care, but client relations and integrity. I know how deeply a young rider can be affected by the positive experiences they have in the company of horses."

Mandy Marger